Glen is an Actor/Director/Musician based in Toronto. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, he left home at the age of 19 to pursue a career in acting. Since then, he has a very successful career, appearing in a numerous amount of Theater, TV & Film productions throughout North America.

Some notable television appearances include: North of 60, First Wave, So Weird, Dark Angel, The Relic Hunter, The Chris Isaak Show, The 4400, with recurring roles on DaVinci’s Inquest, which earned him a nomination for Best Performance by a Supporting Male in a Dramatic Series at the 2003 Leo Awards in Vancouver, DaVinci’s City Hall and the mini-series Diamonds. He recently completed shooting a 4 part mini-series in Ireland called Klondike, the CBC series Murdoch Mysteries, the TVO series Hard Rock Medical, the Award-Winning APTN series Blackstone, the new APTN series Mohawk Girls. He can currently be seen on APTN’s Cashing In, starring as rancher John Eagle.

Glen starred in the feature film Rhymes For Young Ghouls, which earned him a Best Actor win at the 2014 American Indian Motion Picture Awards in San Francisco and a Best Actor Nomination at the 2014 Red Nation Film Festival in Los Angeles. He has also starred in the feature film Charlie Zone, which won him the prestigious David Renton Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actor at the Atlantic Film Festival in 2011 and Best Actor at the Dreamspeaker’s Film Festival in 2012.

Glen has also appeared in such films as: The TNT movie Crossfire Trail, Lola, Yellowknife, the BBC Docu-Drama Monsters We Met, The Reawakening, which earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Male in a Feature Film at the 2004 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, the CTV movies One Dead Indian, and Elijah, in which he starred as Phil Fontaine, and the feature film Older Than America. He has also starred in the short films The Winter Chill, File Under Miscellaneous and The Colony.

In addition to Theater, TV & Film, Glen is known as for his rich voice, providing voice overs and narration for a numerous amount of TV Shows and Documentaries as well as voice work in animation, starring as the voice of Bill Tukyuk on the award winning animated series Yvon of The Yukon and has provided voices on Mary-Kate & Ashley, Stargate Infinity, Justin Time and most recently stepped into the role of Tootoosis the Moomoosis on By The Rapids. He recently provided the Voice of God and the 20th Annual Indspire Awards (Formerly known as the Aboriginal Achievement Awards).

Glen has also embarked on a career as a musician, sharing stages with the likes of musicians such as Roy Forbes, Veda Hille, Rae Spoon, George Leach, Red Bone, Wayne Lavallee, Sandy Scofeild & many others. He is currently recording his debut EP titled Lone Warrior under the name Donna’s Boy.

He currently lives in Toronto with his partner Heather Haynes.