Jordyn White is a 22 year old from the Kikino Métis Settlement in Northern Alberta. The oldest daughter out of 5, Jordyn has always wanted to be a role model for her younger siblings, showing them that anything is possible as long as you have passion and dedication, and reminding them that no dream is too big or ridiculous. Once graduating from high school she continued her education to become a registered social worker with the goal of being a helper and role model for at risk youth.

Jordyn grew up within a rodeo family where they raised rodeo stock and she rode horses, competing in the barrel-racing event. She was involved in a variety of dance and piano classes, and modeled during her teenage years, but soon realized she received no personal fulfillment from it and felt like she wasn’t contributing to the world like she could be. With her cousin Stephanie Harpe being involved in the television entertainment industry she landed Jordyn an audition with Blackstone. With no formal training (only her Drama 30 from her J.A Williams High School days) and the support from family and friends Jordyn chose to give it a try. Walking away from her first audition with no luck, she soon decided to give it another shot and was cast as “Girl #3” in the third season of Blackstone. When the following season began filming, Jordyn couldn’t have been anymore ecstatic when she was called back to portray the role of “Trisha Roy”.

Jordyn is so thankful for everyone that believed in her and continues to support her. She is so honoured to share Trisha’s story and the stories that many youth are living each and every day.